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This web site does not operate any membership or client functionality. The terms & conditions detailed below are for general site usage, ie: following links provided to view the content and intended for all visitors.

The website privacy policy relates only any contact forms included on the website for - all other forms do not request no personal or identifiable data.

Terms & Conditions

Usage of the services of this website include the intended public purpose of following links and viewing provided information. This means that by viewing this page or doccuments downloaded from the website you are reffered to in this wording.

Terms & conditions are here to inform, empower, and protect you as a visitor / 'incidental-user' of this website / 'software'. They are provided in full below, or you can down a pdf copy here.

  1. Definitions:
    1. Software: This website and all the scripts, mark-up code, text and media that make it function are collectively reffered to as the 'software'.
    2. User / Visitor: By visiting the site in your web browser or downloading the information by any other means make you by this definition a user of this software or visior to the site.
  2. Fair use
    1. Visiting pages provided by following website links and adverts is considered normal usage of this website and the materials it contains using a web browser.
    2. Unfair use would be using software other than a web browser to crawl the site without permission, leech data, republish links to resources and or excessive connections / requests to the servers hosting the website.
    3. If unfair use threatens to disrupt the experience for everyone else attempting to access the site then your IP address may be blocked and reported for abuse.
  3. Right to terminate:
    The site owner retains the right to terminate this website at any time and without warning.
  4. Copyright material
    All material and unique design is copyright to the owner under intellectual copyright ©
  5. Errors, ommisions, and adhoc changes in content reserved.
    1. The site owner accepts no responsibilty for any data loss or damage cause by using the webiste or associated software and files.
    2. Opinions expressed on this site are that of the author of the comment and do not reflect a wider held opinion.

Privacy Policy

I value and respect the trust you show in sharing your personal information with me for contact purposes. To that end I have provided a and adhere to a comprehensive privacy & data protection policy.

Website privacy policies let you know what information the software collects, stores and uses during and after your visit and inform you on how to access and delete the information stored online. The UK adheres to the Data Protection Act to protect us and our personal information. This website complies with the DPA legislation. You can find out more about the DPA and your rights here.

  1. Information collected:
    1. Contact forms will request a your name and telephone number for contact / response purposes and insist on a valid email address.
    2. Any 'tracking information' used by this site will always be benign, anonymous and NOT shared with any third-party or provider. This type of information is covered more fully below under Cookies & Automatic Data.
    3. Personal information is classed as such things as name / contact information and is stored primarily for our private corrospondence. I have several automated email mechanisms that may contact you on my behalf as a client or from on occasion recent sales enquiries. Types of contact may be:
      1. Contact receipts
      2. 'Out of Office' responses
      3. Security notifications / zero day alerts
      4. Occasional marketing mail-shots
    4. Opt-out: You can unsubscibe / opt-out from all automated mail on all forms, or by following one of the unsubscibe links in an email from me, or using the dedicated 'opt-out' form provided here.
  2. Consent to share data with partners:
    1. Your consent is assumed and required for sharing details with service partners, such as hosting suppliers and domain name registrars.
    2. Your details will be kept private by myself and our hosting provider however domain name records are public domain and by default your contact details are displayed there.
    3. A premium service can be provided to mask or make your domain contact details private at an extra cost.
  3. Where data is stored:
    1. Digital records stored in industry standard databases online by both myself and our hosting service provider. Accessed securely via HTTPS.
    2. Current corrospondence stored in IMAP mailbox(s) and accessed via HTTPS or SSH.
    3. Working doocuments and project files stored on password protected OS with encrypted HDD and several passworded backups.
    4. Backups stored with online file backup service accessed securely via SSH and HTTPS.
  4. Cookie Policy:
    Cookies are used on this website to help improve the visitors experience. This is achieved by leaving a small anonymous file on your device called a cookie that will restore your session each time you return here.
    1. Default usage, as described to track and log sessions anonymously between visits.
    2. Opt-Out: You can disable cookies for this site or all websites in your browsers settings, provided below are links to advice on disabling cookies on popular browsers.
      IE / Edge Microsoft support website.
      Google Chrome Google Chrome support website.
      Firefox Mozilla support / FAQ website.
      Opera Opera Browser official advice page.
      or search "{your_browser} cookies advice" online for advice
  5. Data controller:
    You can contact me directly with any questions or concerns relating to the safety of your information stored by me, this website and our service providers.

Confidentiality Agreement

My extended privacy policy applies to all clients and covers incidental information that I am intrusted with in the course of my duties.

This covers all industry & trade secrets, client databases, and all data transferred electronically eg: emails. These terms are in force at all times; extensions to this promissory agreement can be enforced with a signed confidentiality agreement provided the client.

I will not disclose or share any such information with anyone outside providing the services for which I am employed, not least competitors, or any open forums. In short I will care for any of your customer / trade information as I do my own.

Please contact me directly if you have your own confidentiality agreement for staff and contractors so we can arrange signed copies if requred.